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On Saturday October 29th, Geoffroy Lhoest will present his new products during the Łódź Design Festival 2011 (Poland) through a workshop and a lecture about change in design and his inspirations as a designer.

New ARSTYL® Z60/Z61 - R60/R61 for NMC Architecture & Design

NMC and Geoffroy Lhoest are presenting a new concept for interior design based on the ceiling rose and moulding.

The innovation: playing with the concepts of interconnection and modularity to multiply the contemporary and classical applications.

In effect, thanks to simple sectioning, the ceiling rose can fuse with the profile and become something novel.

Combined, the fluid design of these products gives life to walls and ceilings by traversing all 3 dimensions of the space.


Drakkar fruit bowl

Drakkar is a new fruit bowl designed by Geoffroy Lhoest. It is a free file downloadable on for laser cutting.

Feel free to download the file and make your own Drakkar fruit bowl with the material you prefer.

Drakkar fruit bowl is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available by email request.

Click here to download.

«Accélérateur de Rencontres Improbables» by Creative Wallonia

November 27th 2011

Liège, Belgium


meeting on the theme of the application of the city of Liège for the International Exhibition 2017

Łódź Design Festival

October 29th 2011

Łódź, Poland

Press conference & products show of NMC ARSTYL® Z60/Z61 - R60/R61 in the Scheiblera’s loft, invited by Aniro &

Akademia Sztukaterii

We had a real pleasure to lead this workshop with a dynamic and inventive team!

Photo credits : Aniro & Łódź Design Festival